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Meet The Doctors

Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional patient care. As a dental professional, I stay up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry in order to provide the most current treatment options for my patients. As a doctor, I recognize that my patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in me and my team. That is just one reason why I value each and every patient relationship.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit this site and find out more about this dental practice, my team, and the many services we can provide to help you achieve optimum oral health.

Dr. Ronald Abaro


Dr. Abaro: 

"I tell my team every day that we are so blessed to be in a profession that gives back so much.  As unique and challenging as the healthcare industry is, I receive so much gratification in helping others alleviate pain and live a healthier lifestyle.  

It's not surprising how many people are afraid of dentistry, and it's always due to a bad experience.  Unfortunately, it's the patient who continues with pain and deteriorating overall health.  Our goal is to help patients by listening to their individual needs and educating them to take control of their condition.  So little by little, they can live a higher quality of life...and maintain it!  

And if I'm lucky, they'll teach someone else how to achieve that same health and happiness.  A little patience, empathy, and encouragement go a very long way in an otherwise scary situation.  

Live well!!!"

Dr. Geomel Bebing


Dr. Geomel Brian Bebing was born in Makati, Philippines and migrated to the U.S. at the age of 9, where he joined his family. After graduating from Cathedral High School in Downtown Los Angeles, he attended Cal State University in Los Angeles and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Within a year of working in the field as a Personal Trainer, he decided to go back to school to follow his mother’s footsteps of becoming a dentist. During his time in Midwestern University, Arizona, he has proactively sought out many clinical, surgical, and volunteer opportunities such as a mission trip to Samoa as well as the comprehensive Implant surgical course in Cartagena, Colombia. He is very passionate about Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry as he continues to acquire related continuing education both on a local and a national level. His passion has earned him multiple clinical and academic honors throughout dental school such as the prestigious Dean’s Clinician Award, Golden Hands Award, Digital Dentistry Award and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists Award. Between his educational and service oriented background, he possesses the skills and abilities necessary to deliver high quality dentistry to all of his patients on a regular basis.
During his free time, Dr. Bebing loves to spend time at the beach with his wife Cheryl and their son Bryce. He also enjoys playing basketball, video games, and going to the gym.

Dr. Jaycee Lim


Dr. Lim received his degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine from Western University of Health Sciences.  He enjoys treating patients, making sure they are comfortable and receiving the best treatment. Employing both comprehensive care and modern dentistry, Dr. Lim will be able to educate and provide up to date dentistry for our patients. Outside of dentistry Dr. Lim enjoys sports, trying new food, watching movies, and traveling.   

Dr. Elizabeth Hoang


Dr. Hoang has been in practice since 1997.  Her specialty focuses on the treatment of Gum Diseases and provides Implant Therapy.  She obtained her doctor's degree (D.M.D.) at Tuft University in Boston and completed her specialty training in Periodontics at the prestigious Columbia University in New York where she also received her Master in Oral Biology. She was also a clinical instructor for six years at Columbia University and had served on the school’s Admission Committee. Her practice's philosophy is to provide patients with a gentle and comprehensive care that will promote and maintain a healthy dentition. Her primary goal is to give her patients the highest quality care and the most cost-effective treatment plan that tailor to each patient's needs for a long-term prognosis.  The services she provides include:


        Treating Gum Diseases and long term maintenance

        Gum Grafting for receding gum line

        Dental Crown Lengthening

        Extraction and bone grafting procedure 

        Dental Implants- Replacing missing teeth

        Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedure

Dr. Gary Sanner


After graduating from Dental School with a DDS degrees from Creighton University in 1980, Dr. Sanner received his degree in Orthodontics in 1982 from the University of Southern California, USC. He is a member of the American association of orthodontists, California Society of Orthodontist, and the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontist. Dr. Sanner had provided excellent care to thousands of patients over the years, including an increasing number of adult patients. Whatever your preference, he has provided several options to orthodontics treatment, including metal braces, clear braces, and clear alters. Dr. Sanner brings to our practice not only 29 years of experience, but compassion and concern for each individual patient.

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